Thomas Landspurg

About me:

Serial entrepneur, I've participate to several successfull project in various domains, from mobile games to BigData application or Connected Object.
I am currently looking for new opportunities, as a Freelance (CTO on demand or experimented lead developer) or as a leader of a new project.
I've founded or cofounded several companies, like In-Fusio , a pionner in mobile games, Webwag, TvTweet for analytics and bigdata insight around Tv and Twitter. My professional experience iis visible on linked in.


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My Blog: some thoughts about technology, wireless, etc...

Short profile

I am currently advisor for HidNSeek, an IoT company providing localized sensors for the IOT unsing low bandwidth network (Sigfox). I've created the backend on mobile app, and help them to position themself.

I've founded TvTweet four years ago , that have been aquired by Seevibes where I became CTO.

Previosuly I've confounded with a CTO role Webwag developping mobile applications , and In-Fusio/MobileScope (as a CTO too).

I've been also the In-Fusio/Mobilescope representative in various standardisation bodies: OMA (OpenMobile Alliance) in the Gaming group, and within the Java Community Process, especially in MIDP3 (JSR271) as well as various others JSR (JSR190, JSR226,...)

I have also speak in various conferences:

My complete professional profile and bio is visible on my LinkedIn page.

Current Personnal Projects:

OpenSensor Cloud : an Open source platform the internet of things.


OpenCellId was a crowdsourced database of CellID, the bigges J2meMap    A MIDP2/Java interface to Google Earth...


  One of my previous web site dedicated to Java Beans, started in 99, cut off in 2002 due to lack of time, back for nostalgia!
I've also put back some of my old pages on demos, 3D VBX, and Vetrex...